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Singapore Fengshui Store & Blessing Gift Shop invite famous Fengshui Masters to explain successful Fengshui cases, recommend the right Fengshui products, to help you improve personal fengshui, residential fengshui, commercial fengshui.
We specialize in Fengshui instruments and blessing Jewelries, such as Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings, which are made from natural jades, crystals.

Wearing jade will increase body strength and add longevity, and it is an ancient symbol of love and virtue. The stone is associated with Chinese cultural values like courage, wisdom, mercy, justice, balance and love. People also use Jade as a tool to attract wealth and abundance.

Crystals are normally used for beautification as jewellery, for emotional healing, for generating energy to activate a space and for healing ones chakras. Crystals are particularly good at helping us adapt to changes in energy vibes created by emotional and psychological imbalances in our environment or by ourselves. Crystal energy is used to nourish ones vibes and create consciousness in achieving our goals. Depending on ones vibes, some are more receptive than others and need less time to sense the effect of the crystals. But there are also others who may take more time to experience the amazing effects of the beauty and power held in them. For those who desire to test the energy of crystals, the easiest is to place their hands inside the amethyst cave and will feel the immediate pinching effects. They provide good, positive energy while keeping away negative energy which could cause disease and suffering. They are responsible for peace, protection, economic stability and happiness.

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